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Node.JS Awesomeness Achieved

Another Module Off has ended! This challenge called for submissions that did something super-mega-sweet in Node.JS. Here's the full challenge:

Challenge Summary

This one's a tad looser; no specific use cases to code up. Just do something cool! Node.JS is a really awesome technology for real-time stuff within your Drupal site, and the Node JS Integration Module on drupal.org makes it pretty easy to get up and running. We're excited to see what you all can whip up.

The Winner

Alex Hripak whipped up some really a really cool real-time analytics dashboard for your Drupal site! Here's a screencast showing it off.

We encourage you to download the module and checkout the code! Congrats to the Alex who will be getting himself a free VPS on WebEnabled.

Coming Up: Views Plugins

Our next challenge has begun! There's lots of different plugins that you can incorporate into Views. This challenge asks you build one and show it off! We're excited to see what you all can create.

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